Changing the paradigm on treating Chronic Venous Disease

Chronic Venous Occlusions

Chronic Venous Occlusions are often difficult to cross requiring 3-5 guidewires and take between two to six hours to recanalize. VeinWay is a medical device company developing a novel “one and done” device for recanalizing chronic venous occlusions.

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VeinWay is a medical device company changing the paradigm on chronic venous disease treatment by providing physicians with a dedicated purpose-built venous occlusion recanalization device. This tool is built to expand the physician’s ability to safely recanalize complicated and diffuse occlusions that were previously uncrossable, as well as shorten venous occlusion crossing time. VeinWay addresses a market of 1.7M Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) patients annually, half of which return with Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) and 20% of those have fully occluded veins. The VeinWay catheter was developed as part of the MEDX Xelerator’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program designed to promote internal innovation. VeinWay is a portfolio company of MEDX Xelerator, a medical device incubator formed as an initiative of MEDX Ventures Group together with Boston Scientific, Intellectual Ventures and Sheba Medical Center.


VeinWay is a member of MEDX Xelerator, a medical device incubator backed by:

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