Coruzant Technologies: Podcast 

We all have veins. And we can’t live without them. But did you ever stop to think about just how important they are? The consequences if they are obstructed? And what’s being created to deal with obstructions? These are serious issues that VeinWay is intent on addressing.

In my short Coruzant Technologies podcast interview with host Brian Thomas, MBA, FACHT, I answer these questions and more. Link below.

Also, check out my byline at the same website to learn more about why veins are the next major focus of medical ingenuity.

A special thank you to the Entrepreneur in Residence program MEDX Xelerator LP – where it all began. This is where the idea for VeinWay originated, and the opportunity for me to lead the effort was born. I am very lucky to be a part of this unique program and I highly recommend it to my fellow entrepreneurs. Gal Atarot Shai Policker